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Coronavirus: EU grants €314 million to innovative companies to combat the virus and support recovery

€314 million to 72 innovative companies
The European Commission through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Pilot selects 72 companies set to combat the coronavirus pandemic and contribute to the recovery plan for Europe. A record number of almost 4000 start-ups and small and medium businesses (SMEs) applied to the EIC Accelerator pilot in March.
The start-ups and SMEs selected for support come from 16 countries, including 12 EU Member States, the UK and 3 associated countries.
The selected 36 companies, including 5 Irish companies,  are set to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, will work on pioneering projects, such as on expanding the production of bio-decontamination wipes, developing ventilation monitoring systems that provide first aiders with real-time feedback on the quality of the ventilation given to the patient, developing an antibody platform.
An additional 36 companies, including 3 Irish companies are set to support the recovery plan for Europe, will work across a multitude of sectors and projects, to treat severe cases of infection, and many more.
Seals of Excellence were awarded to high-quality proposals who passed the EIC funding criteria, but could not be funded due to limited budget.
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